Lavender ‘Grosso’ Spacing (Definitive Guide)

lavender grosso spacing

Lavender ‘Grosso’ (Lavandula x intermedia) is highly versatile and has the cold hardy qualities of the English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and the longer flowering season of a Portuguese lavender (Lavandula latifolia).

Lavender ‘Grosso’ is a larger lavender variety that grows up to 46 inches (116 cm) across and 32 inches (80 cm) wide with optimal conditions and therefore requires a good amount of space to grow its best.

The more humid the climate the more space and airflow you should give lavender ‘Grosso’ to mitigate the risk of fungal disease.

Lavender ‘Grosso’How Far Apart to Plant
In Temperate Climates2-3 Feet Apart.
Hot and Arid Climates:3 Feet Apart.
In Humid Climates:At least 3 Feet apart to allow for airflow.
As Decorative Hedges:20 inches or 2 Feet apart, depending on climate and growing conditions.

It is worth noting that lavender ‘Grosso’ will not necessary grow to its full size in every garden as it depends on the specific growing conditions, climate and best practices in terms of care. Read my article on how to care for lavender ‘Grosso’.

Keep reading to learn how to space lavender ‘Grosso’ for the conditions of your garden…

Spacing Lavender ‘Grosso’

As lavender go, lavender ‘Grosso’ is a larger variety at full size and therefore it requires to be spaced more generously then smaller varieties such as ‘Hidcote‘ or ‘Munstead‘.

Lavenders are adapted to living in open conditions without having to compete with other plants for light or airflow on the breezy coast of the Mediterranean.

In climates that resemble the Mediterranean, with hot summers, full sun, infrequent rainfall, mild Winters, and optimal growing conditions, such as well-draining sandy soils, the lavender will grow slightly larger than in colder climates with less sun.

Therefore the spacing of your lavender ‘Grosso’ should correlate with your climate.

Spacing lavender ‘Grosso’:

  • In temperate climates (such as Washington, Oregon, or the UK) with shorter growing seasons. plant lavender ‘Grosso’ around 2 feet or more apart.
  • In hot climates (California, Spain, Italy) that a similar to the Mediterranean, space lavender ‘Grosso’ around 2-3 feet apart.
  • The more characteristically humid the climate is the further you should space lavender ‘Grosso’ at around 3 feet apart. This will help increase airflow which prevents fungal disease.

Lavenders typically do not like humid climates as they are adapted to the Mediterranean conditions of Southern European regions with full sun, and arid conditions with infrequent rainfall.

If your climate is somewhat humid then plant the lavender in an open part of your garden as far from other plants as is reasonable and consider planting ‘Grosso’ in pots or raised beds rather then in the ground for increased airflow for the foliage.

Lavender ‘Grosso’ typically requires 2-3 feet of distance because:

  • This allows the plant to grow to its full size at maturity without casting shade on other lavenders planted nearby. The more direct sun light that a lavender ‘Grosso’ receives the more blooms and stronger the fragrance (lavender ‘Grosso’ is highly valued for its fragrance and is grown commercially).
  • So that each lavender has enough space to allow their root system to establish in the soil and access the water and the nutrients it requires without having to compete with other plants.
  • To allow for a breeze so the foliage stays dry. Planting lavenders in too small an area, close to other plants can create a more humid micro-climate which increases the risk of fungal disease.

Spacing ‘Grosso’ in Pots Containers and Raised beds

Potted lavender
potted lavender foliage

The same sort of guidelines apply to spacing lavender ‘Grosso’ in pots and raised beds as planted in garden boarders with 2-3 feet of space in full sun being optimal for growth, and blooms.

However you can get away with planting or locating pots closer together as the airflow and drainage conditions in pots tends to be better then garden boarders so fugal disease is not as significant a threat.

Consider that 2-3 feet of distance also includes the distance to fences, walls, and any other structure as well as plants, and ensure that if the pot is in a corner there is the occasional breeze and full sun, rather than the still air which can exacerbate the risk of fungal disease.

Spacing Lavender ‘Grosso’ Hedges

Lavender Hedge
English lavender hedge

Lavender ‘Grosso’ can grow very well as a decorative hedge in many gardens due to its cold hardiness as well as heat resistance and drought tolerance and can form one uninterrupted mass of purple flowers in the Summer.

‘Grosso’ also grows to a considerable width so forming a hedge requires fewer individual plants than other smaller popular lavenders.

If your climate is similar to the Mediterranean climate (blazing sun, high heat, and infrequent rainfall), the larger ‘Grosso’ will grow, whereas, in colder climates such as the UK or Oregon, lavenders tend to be a bit smaller due to the shorter growing season and fewer hours of sunshine.

This will affect how far apart you need to space ‘Grosso’ when planting your hedge.

In cool temperate climates plant lavender ‘grosso’ is around 20 inches apart. That is 20 inches between each planting area rather than 20 inches from the furthers reaches of the foliage.

This will ensure that your lavender grows into one continuous hedge yet still gives the roots system enough room to establish. Planting too close will result in each plant being compromised in terms of the number of blooms and the health of each plant.

In warm climates that are similar to the Mediterranean with lots of sunshine and dry weather, plant each lavender around 2 feet apart to ensure the lavender forms a solid, smart-looking hedge.

Within 2 years the hedge will have blended in together and form a mass of flowers and sweet smelling foliage.

(To learn more read my article on the spacing of lavender hedges).

Key Takeaways:

  • Plant lavender ‘Grosso’ 2-3 feet apart. This will ensure each plant has enough light, space for roots, and access to water and nutrients.
  • Lavenders grow largest when in climates that are similar to their native Mediterranean and may grow slightly smaller in colder climates due to the shorter growing season.
  • Space ‘Grosso’ around 3 feet or more in humid climates to increase airflow and prevent fugal diseases.
  • ‘Grosso’ grows well in pots and containers due to the increased potential for airflow and favorable drainage conditions.
  • Space ‘Grosso’ around 20 inches to 2 feet apart when planting hedges. Plant lavenders closer together in cold climates with less intense sunshine and further apart in hot and dry climates with optimal conditions to accommodate for the size difference.

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