About Us

Hello, I’m Mark Bennett and I’m a full time gardener!

I have been work as a qualified horticulturist and tree surgeon for over 10 years and I have a passion for caring and cultivating garden plants.

Over the my many years of first hand experience, and many years of study I have learned a lot which has allowed me to apply both theoretical and practical knowledge to caring for plants.

Whilst I have an intrinsic interest in all plants, I am passionate about growing Mediterranean plants such as lavenders and herbs due to their aroma, culinary use and flowers that attract pollinators and contribute to a healthy garden ecology.

Prior to gardening full time, I worked in a garden center cultivating both garden plants and house plants for sale, ensuring each species of plant has the optimal conditions to grow and addressing any problems that came up, so that they can be displayed at their very best.

I have personally owned and cared for all the plants that I write about on gardener report (both in my own garden and as houseplants) which has given may years of experience of not only how to grow plants but to revive plants, if they are dying!

I hope you enjoy reading the articles on gardener report and I will do my best to share all my knowledge!