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Mark Bennett, writer at gardener report
Mark Bennett
  • Expertise: Diploma in contemporary topics in science from the Open University with a focus on Botany. Level 2 diploma in Practical Horticulture from Sheffield College.
  • Previous professional experience: 10 years as a landscape gardener, worked for 3 years at a local nursery cultivating plants for sale at local garden centers.
  • Personal experience: Owner of almost all known houseplants! I sell cuttings of rare houseplants on sites such as Etsy as a part-time project and write about my experience caring for plants on Gardener Report. I also care for my personal garden, growing ornamental plants as well as fruit and vegetables. This is in addition to the gardens I cultivate as part of my job as a landscape gardener.

Hello, I’m Mark Bennett and I’m a full-time gardener!

I have been working as a qualified horticulturist and tree surgeon for over 10 years and I have a passion for caring and cultivating garden plants.

I started working at a nursery 4 years ago that cultivates both garden plants and houseplants for sale and we distribute to local garden centers in the area.

In this role, I have to cultivate plants and make sure they are in optimal condition for sale whether that is making sure they flower at the right time or adjusting the conditions in the greenhouse to ensure that they thrive in time for sale.

In my spare time, I have studied courses in botany at the open university and Sheffield College achieving diplomas to complement my college qualifications in horticultural and tree surgery.

This has allowed me to apply both theoretical and practical knowledge to caring for plants.

Whilst I have an intrinsic interest in all plants, I am passionate about growing Mediterranean plants such as lavenders and herbs due to their aroma, culinary use, and flowers that attract pollinators and contribute to a healthy garden ecology as well as houseplants for their calming and positive affects on mental health.

Currently one of my favorite aspects of gardening is propagating plants as I think it is a great way to produce more plants for free!

I have 17 ongoing experiments when it comes to propagation (of both garden and houseplants) such as whether or not hormone rooting powder is necessary for propagating lavenders (which I cover in this article).

Lavender propagation
Propagating lavender cuttings, some with hormone rooting powder and some without to test its efficacy.

Right now I am trying to learn through first-hand experience the success rate of propagating houseplants in the Winter

Sometimes the best way to find out is to test and experiment yourself as growing both garden and houseplants can vary due to many factors and I think it is important to find out first-hand what works, rather than just writing from a theoretical or secondary research perspective.

I have personally owned and cared for all the plants that I write about on Gardener Report (both in my own garden and as houseplants) which has given may years of experience of not only how to grow plants but to revive plants if they are dying!

I am the owner of Gardener Report, the only writer on this website and I have written every article. I hope you enjoy reading the articles on Gardener Report and I will do my best to share all my knowledge and personal expertise!

If you have any questions feel free to email me or contact me on social media.

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